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Who can rent gym space?


Gym rental space is provided for personal trainers, athletic performance [...]

Who can rent gym space?2022-11-02T19:55:51-04:00

Is HIIT a cardio workout?


While does HIIT workouts do trigger cardio vascular activity, HIIT [...]

Is HIIT a cardio workout?2022-11-02T19:44:46-04:00

How intense are HIIT classes?


HIIT classes are very intense. The caveat is, you don't [...]

How intense are HIIT classes?2022-11-02T19:52:22-04:00

What is HIIT?


H.I.I.T. stands for High Intensity Interval Training. When you break [...]

What is HIIT?2022-11-02T19:32:28-04:00
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